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Japanese CV is written from bottom up as recently works, so it follows that.
Conceptual Artist
Born 1983, Kudamatsu-City, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan Lives and works in Tokyo

2006 BA, Architecture Dept. Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi, Japan
2016 Genron CHAOS*LOUNGE new art school, Tokyo, Japan
Work Experience
2006-2018  ZAI, Inc., Architectural Designer
2008-present Geocreates, Inc., Conceptual Designer

Site Specific Projects, Grants and Awards
2011 Winning a prize for “5th kokoronokate essay contest”
2014 Selected as a good piece of work awards for “Bijutsutecho nengajo contest 2014”
2014 Winning a prize for “Kitakyushu digital creator contest 2014”
2014 Winning a prize for “Eco japan cup 2014 art award”
2016 Selected as a Finalist for “WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD 2016”
2017 Selected as a 2nd place for “DailyPortalZ the Rookie of the Year award”

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Solo exhibition “Look at me closer” Gallery SPACEKIDS, Tokyo, Japan
2018 Solo exhibition “tttv”, Chuo-Line Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2019 “Japan, the beautiful or the Ambiguous, and Ourselves” Meguro rusu, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions,
2016 Genron CHAOS*LOUNGE new art school final exhibition “a first preemptive attack [先制第一撃]”, genron cafe, Tokyo, Japan
2017 “This is not you[あなたではない] Exhibition” Gallery FREAKOUT 2017,Tokyo, Japan
2017 “#long-distance relationship [#遠距離恋愛] Exhibition ” nogata-no-kuhaku, Tokyo, Japan
2018 “Mt.Fuji Exhibition 1.0 for the upcoming future Exhibition” AWAJI Cafe & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2018 Genron CHAOS*LOUNGE new art school upper-class graduation Exhibition “Post Festum[Matsuri-no-ato-ni]” Private house in Tokyo
2018 “Good fishing futurism Exhibition” Exhibit tours in Tokyo, 5 locations
2018 “There is no tomorrow for Daddy[Pa-Pa]”[パパたちに明日はない]” Houjyuin[宝珠院], Tokyo, Japan
2018 “Groys Fishing Club, Sea Bream[鯛] simulationism called a cut art activism[グロイスフィッシングクラブ鯛(たい)切断芸術運動というシミュレーショニズム]” NakanoZERO 2018 “SITE NON-SITE” Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes, Tokyo, Japan
2019 “49” salon bunkA[文家] , Tokyo, Japan
And more.

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