Eriko Murata
Photographer, Writer
Born Dec. 20, 1994, Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Saitama.
I moved to Saitama. Graduated from a nearby elementary and junior high school, For I had been longed to commute by train, I selected  the high school in Kawaguchi. Because at that time, I felt it is “No way...” to be a college student, I decided my path to be a photo technical school student. After graduating from a 3-year Dept., I moved to Chofu. I am  photographer and writer kind of having no goal in my mind.


Photo Book  写真集
「in currents」
 (A4 deformed size  A4変形/ a laser printレーザープリント)
「love in over」
 (A4 vertica  A4タテ/ a color copy カラーコピー)

「Song of Love 愛のしらべ」
 (A3 vertical A3タテ/a color copy カラーコピー)

「Song of Love 2 愛のしらべ・2」
 (A4 vertical  A4変形/ outsourcing 外注)

「Listen きいてくれ」
 (A4 horizontal A4ヨコ/ a collage of Photos 写真貼り付け)

「Can you hear Me? きこえるか」
 (A4 vertical A4タテ/a color copy カラーコピー)

「If I run into you in the town 街であなたに出会ったら」
 (A3 holizon A3ヨコ/a color copy カラーコピー)

「You are similar to somebody 君は何かに似ているねえ」
 (3.5×5 inch L版/printed in a shop お店プリント)

「Keep in your mind here always こころはいつもここにおいて」
 (3.5×5 inch L版/printed in a shop お店プリント)

「I'll be back soon またすぐ帰ってくるからね」
 (3.5×5 inch L版/printed in a shop お店プリント)

Books of writings 文章の本
「Stay where you are そこにいて」
 (essays エッセイ/A6/1000yen、1500yen
  the 1st edition 25prints、the 2nd edition 20prints、the 3rd edition 20prints、the 4th wdition 35prints, 100 volumes in total)
Photo Exhibitions  写真展
2014 DEC:intentions
2015 DEC:The new language あたらしいことば
2016 MAR:Can you here me? きこえるか
(Nikon Salon bis in Shinjuku)

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